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Hello !!!

I need opinion for the above itinerary draft.
What's the best way from Kyoto to Kawaguchi by JR ?
I understand it's better to go there from Tokyo instead. However I'm planning to stay maybe 1-2 nights at Kawaguchi before go to Tokyo (1 day for sighseeing n 1 day at Fuji-Q theme park).

Generally the plan will be Osaka - Hiroshima & Miyajima - Osaka - Kyoto - Kawaguchi & Fuji-Q - Tokyo.
Try to do this in 9 days 😅

Thanks in advance.


Hello there,

With the JR Pass the best route to Kawaguchiko is still to travel via Otsuki and take the Fujikyu line from there.

An alternative is to take the Shinkansen from Mishima station and from there an express bus. This can be slightly faster if you have the right transfer but costs more as the bus is not included in the JR Pass.

The rest of your trip looks good!

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Thanks !!!


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