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14 day jr pass or 21 day?

14 day JR pass or 21 day?


We are looking forward to our Japan holiday this April!!
But we are not sure what is cheaper: a 14 day JR pass or a 21 day pass?
This is our itinerary:

Day 1: arrive Tokyo Narita -> Tokyo
Day 2 - 6: Tokyo (with a daytrip to Nikko and Disney sea)
Day 7: Tokyo -> Minakami
Day 8: Minakami -> Kyoto
Day 9 - 12: Kyoto (with a daytrip to Nara)
Day 13: Kyoto -> Himeji -> Hiroshima
Day 14-16: Hiroshima (with a daytrip to Miyajima and maybe rent a car for one day)
Day 17: Hiroshima -> Tadanoumi (ferry to Okunoshima) -> Osaka
Day 18 -19 : Osaka
Day 20: Osaka -> Tokyo
Day 21: Tokyo -> Mt Fuji -> Tokyo
Day 22: Tokyo -> Narita

We were thinking about taking a limousine bus the last day back to the airport.
Is it worth taking a 21 day day JR pass while we are spending the first 6 days in Tokyo?
When we will take a 14 day JR pass, which day will be the best date to start the pass?

Thank you so much for helping!

Cheers from the Netherlands,
Bastiaan & Rosanne


Hi Bastiaan & Rosanne,

A 14 day JR Pass is definitely worth it. Using a 21 day JR Pass could also but as the difference in price is quite small, only 12.960yen for a full week of additional travel. I'd say use normal tickets if you would strictly stay within Tokyo but going to Nikko using the Shinkansen and going to Disneyland would already cover this amount. Add in other local travel around Tokyo and I think it would be worth it, especially if you add a one way Narita Express into Tokyo as well.

Hope this helps you decide :)

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