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when the best time to activate my 7 days jr pass?

When the best time to activate my 7 days JR pass?

Hi, I am family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children age 11 & 9). We will be in Japan during 8-19 April for the first time. Our itinerary will be roughly as follows:

08/4/16 Arrive Tokyo Haneda around 8pm and will go to Tokyo (stay in Shinjuku)
09/4/16 Spend time in Tokyo and around
10/4/16 Tokyo and around
11/4/16 Mt Fuji (probably will use 1 day tour Mt Fuji, Hakone, etc)
12/4/16 Tokyo - Osaka (stay in Osaka)
13/4/16 Universal Studio Osaka
14/5/16 1 day trip to Kyoto (stay in Osaka)
15/5/16 Continue Kyoto or Osaka, Nara, etc (stay in Osaka)
16/6/16 Osaka - Tokyo (stay in Shinjuku Tokyo)
17/6/16 Tokyo
18/6/16 Disney Sea Tokyo
19/6/16 Depart from Haneda (flight 8:30 am)

When do you think the best time to activate our 7 days JR pass? If I join 1 day tour to Mt Fuji, will that normally include the bus/train from Tokyo to Mt Fuji, etc?

Looking forward to hear your advise. Many thanks


Hi there,

I would either activate the JR Pass on 11/4 or 12/4 depending on how you visit Fuji. There are many ways to visiting Fuji, so I can't tell right away. Though generally transport is included, when using a tour package. In this case I would start using the JR Pass from 12/4. If you would prefer to visit on your own, there are some good options there as well.

Enjoy Japan!

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