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Osaka,Kobe,Kyoto,Nara,Hakone,Tokyo (30-Oct to 14-Nov)

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I'm planning a trip with my husband from 30-Oct to 14-Nov covering Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Hakone & Tokyo.

Below my summarised & detailed itinerary:

Summarised itineary:
30-Oct to 2-Nov: Osaka (overnight at Osaka. Staying in Shin-Osaka)
3-Nov to 4-Nov: Kobe (overnight at Kobe. Hotel area not decided yet)
5-Nov to 6-Nov: Kyoto (overnight at Kyoto. Hotel area not decided yet)
7-Nov: Day trip to Nara (overnight at Kyoto. Hotel area not decided yet)
8-Nov to 9-Nov: Hakone (overnight at Hakone. Hotel area not decided yet)
10-Nov to 14-Nov: Tokyo (overnight at Tokyo-Shinjuku)

Detailed itineary:
30-Oct : Arrive at KIX airport and travel to Rinku Town, after which travel from Rinku Town to Shin Osaka
31-Oct : Osaka Castle Area + Tennoji Area
1-Nov: Bay Area in Osaka (Universal Studio) & Tempozan Marketplace
2-Nov: Northern Area (Minoh City, Minoh Falls) + Kita / Nakanoshima
3-Nov to 4-Nov: Kobe (Hyogo/Nagata/Kitano/Shin-Kobe)
5-Nov to 6-Nov: Kyoto (itineary not plan yet)
7-Nov: Nara
8-Nov to 9-Nov: Hakone (Sounzan/Gora/Sengoku/Gotemba)
10-Nov to 14-Nov: Tokyo (Odaiba/Kamakura/Shinjuku/Shibuya/Ginza/Harajuku). One of the days is with tour group

I would like to seek your expertised advice on:
1) What are the passes that are suitable & economical for my whole trip?
2) If the sequence of my travel within Kansai Area feasible?
3) Should I just stay in Osaka for my Kansai Area trip?

Thank you.

Best regards

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Hello Gladys,

1.) I checked your itinerary for the best options and must conclude that it would be best to just buy normal tickets for your itinerary. A JR Pass would be useful if used for a return Osaka - Tokyo but it makes more sense to just buy normal tickets for one way.

2.) The order works well, Kansai is not so big and transport is very good. Nothing to worry about here.

3.) You can certainly base yourself in Osaka for the Kansai part, most places can be reached within 30-60minutes and this way you don't have to carry your luggage around every day.

Hope this helps,

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