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JR Pass midnight validity

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I have a quick question, if anyone knows the answer and is willing to help me I will be grateful. :)

On the last day of my JR Pass validity, I will board the LTD. EXP SUNRISE SETO in Himeji at 23:35 towards Yokohama (arrival at 6:44). I plan to use a nobinobi seat (since its in November mid-week, I hope that I can grab a seat if I book it one-week in advance).

My question: Is my trip fully covered bu the JR Pass? I am assuming it is based on this quote: If you happen to be on board of a train at midnight, the Japan Rail Pass remains valid until the end of your journey, i.e. until you leave your final station through the ticket gates.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

Yes you are allowed the finish riding the train that you are on, given that you board the train before midnight.

Does that answer your question?

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Hi Daniel,

Yes it does, thank you. The problem is I asked in some other places too and somebody else told me I have to pay the full price...


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