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I'll travel to Japan next November but I have some questions about my luggage.
I need to know if there are coin lockers for hand luggage at Okayama and Hiroshima JR stations.

Also, I go to Himeji but I go from my ryokan, outside Himeji and, when I finish my visit to the castle, I go to the JR station. So, do you have if is there any coin lockers (or any place to leave our hand lugagge) at Himeji Castle?

We'll travel, also, Tokyo-Kanazawa with JR with all the luggage (2 big cases and to 2 hand cases) but we'll travel Kanazawa-Ogimachi village and Ogimachi Village-Takayama by bus. Do you know if we can carry that big luggage inside the buses? And, a very important question ... is there any place at Ogimachi bus station (November, 22th, I've read it has a different stop?¿?) to leave all the luggage? We don't sleep at Ogimachi.

If you don't know the responses, may you say me where can I ask for them? english ...

Is it mandatory to reserve my trains when I travel in local/ express/limited express/shinkasen?

Thank you very much!!!

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Hello there,

Japan is truly a land of convenience when it comes to coin lockers. Every station has them, shopping malls, museums, tourist location, etc have them all. You never have to go far without finding one. Himeji castle is no exception here.

The buses you want to travel on have a luggage compartment in the bottom of the bus. There are also coin lockers at the tourist information.

For seat reservations, these are not required but recommended. Also see:

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much, Daniel.
But, the Ogimachi tourist information is far away of the bus stop, isn't so? Do you know if the bus stop from Kanazawa is the same than bus stop to Takayama? (It's my itinerary).
Thanks again.

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