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12 days in japan

12 days in japan


I have 12 days in japan coming up in november. I have planned to stay in Tokyo for 6 days, Kyoto for 2 and Osaka for 4.

My current (outline) itinerary is:

Day 1 - Arrive in Tokyo, explore the city
Day 2 - Explore the city
Day 3 - Disneyland
Day 4 - Hakone/ Mt. Fuji day trip.
Day 5 - Explore more of the city.
Day 6 - Head to Kyoto, explore using bikes
Day 7 - Explore Kyoto
Day 8 - Leave for Osaka, Spend the day in the city
Day 9 - Day trip to Nara
Day 10 - Universal studios
Day 11 - Spend in Osaka
Day 12 - leave Osaka

What would JR pass would you recommend? And are there any other recommendation towards my itinerary?

thank you



Hi James,

Will you be flying out of Osaka? In that case I think the best option would be to just buy tickets while traveling. A JR Pass works best when used for longer distances, for instance Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka. In this itinerary Tokyo - Kyoto is the only long and expansive trip but together with the other travel it would not add up to the cost of a JR Pass.

At the same time, a JR Pass could be very useful if you return to Tokyo after Osaka.

As for general recommendations, I think that you've already planned well. Kyoto is awesome to explore on bike, just reading it makes me want to return :) Since you are traveling by bike, I think the best way to start is to explore the east and center of Kyoto. These are closest together and you can include many great places to visit, such as Kiyomizudera temple, the Gion District and Nishiki Market.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your response.
How much would the cost be for individual tickets, and yes i will be flying out of Osaka.

Do you also have any other recommendations for day trips out of Osaka or Tokyo with my stay in Japan?




Hi there,

A one way Tokyo - Kyoto: ¥ 13,910 the rest is all a couple hundred yet per trip. You can find ticket prices using

If you are in Tokyo, a day trip to Nikko is my personal favorite. Also have a look at this 7 day sample itinerary for more ideas to see and do. It matches your itinerary well.

Hope this helps too!

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