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rail pass for tokyo city travel

Rail pass for Tokyo city travel

Hi all. I am coming to Japan in October for 2 weeks and i was going to get a 2 week rail pass but here is my issue. I will be spending my first week there solely in Tokyo and my second week is when i will be doing day trips to Kyoto,Osaka and Sendai. Possibly more i am not sure yet. I will be sleeping in Tokyo my whole trip and will not be staying in another city overnight. Basically would I be better off getting a 7 day pass for my second week as my first week will entirely be spent in Tokyo? I understand the limitations the pass has in Tokyo eg (metro and other rail companies) but in my first week i will be doing A LOT of train journeys around the city and Yokohama wonder if i would save money by just getting one of the suica cards? I'll be getting the pocket wifi also so it is quite a big bill thats why i want to try and make this as money saving as possible


Hi there,

You can buy day tickets in Tokyo to cover the JR, Metro or combination of both.

A full list can be purchased here:

These are great to make savings if you plan to do a lot of local travel and also help you cap your spending.
I would then get a 7 day JR Pass for travel to Kyoto, Osaka and Sendai.

Hope this helps,

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