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Moving around in Kyoto

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My hotel base is at Osaka JR station (Umeda).

I have allocated 1 day (10am to 6pm) to make a day trip to Kyoto to see these 3 places. Can you advise what is the best sequence or best way to travel to visit these places in Kyoto and will it be too rush to cover these 3 areas in a leisure pace?

  • Gion (Hanami koji / Higashiyama District)
  • Arashiyama (bamboo walk & bridge) + Sagano train
  • kiyomizudera Temple

I have read several articles on how to get to Gion but I'm not sure how I should sequence my visits to the 3 places in order to make the best use of time ... as I'd be visiting with my child of 8 yrs in tow ...

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HI there!

Having lived some time in Kyoto myself I can tell you that Arashiyama basically is on the other side of Kyoto from where Goin and Kiyomizudera are located. Both Gion and Kiyomizudera are close either 10 min by bus or less than 30min apart of foot. However Arashiyama is located completely on the other side of Kyoto. I'd recommend taking a taxi there if you do want to see it, this would cut down a lot on your travel time and would give you some time to explore.

An other option is to stick to the east side of Kyoto where both Goin and Kiyomizudera are located and visit some other place in the area. There are a lot of sightseeing places available, an easy visit could be Kinkakuji, Nishikimarket or maybe Kyoto Zoo.

Hope this helps!

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Great! Thanks Daniel for your advise.

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