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Which lines does NOT the JRPASS cover?

Which lines does NOT the JRPASS cover?
The JRPASS covers only Japan railway (JR) transports. Non JR lines such as subways, Tokyo metro and other company lines.

There are a lot of non JR train companies also run inside Japan.
Here are simple rules to check your destinations are covered or not covered by Japan rail pass!


Simple rules

  • Subways, metros and underground are run by municipal and the JRPASS does not cover them.
  • Train lines, stations do not have JR logo, the JRPASS basically does not cover.
  • Although there are the same station name, JR and non JR companies have their own stations. So follow JR sign to get to the JR stations.

Useful tools to identify which destinations are covered by the JRPass.

Our JRPASS Map covers all JR stations. You can click or search your stations on our JRPASS Map. If you are not able to find the station using our map, it is probably not JR stations and the Japan rail pass does not cover it. You need to purchase non JR ticket to get there.

Use the Hyperdia website to check train routes, schedules and prices. You can use only JR options using Hyperdia too. WE have a short video how to use Hyperdia for Japan rail pass holders here.

To find out full validity detail, please visit our validity page.

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