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English at Japanese stations

English at Japanese stations
Japan isn't as incomprehensible as some would let you believe, all the major cities have signs in English, with a bit of concentration travel is easy!
Over on our video page, "Marie recently asked us":http://www.jrpass.com/video/how_to_use_the_japan_rail_pass about the amount of English at Japanese stations and on the Bullet trains. While it is true that Japan can still be tricky to navigate with zero Japanese, we're pleased to say that the JR network has made *great strides* in the amount of English signs and announcements in recent years. * English language *announcements* on Bullet trains * Nearly all *station platform signs* have the station name in english under them * At all major Bullet train stations there will be *arrivals/departure boards* in English It's always best to be a little prepared, so *don't forget your phrasebook!*
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