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Easy day trips from Tokyo

Easy day trips from Tokyo
From Tokyo many amazing sights are within easy reach. By basing yourself in the city you can use your JR Pass to day trip out to these Japanese gems.

After a few days getting your fill of the bright lights and big city, take some time to visit the picturesque and traditional. With your Japan Rail Pass many amazing cultural experiences can be visited on day trips from Tokyo.

Tokyo’s surrounding area

With a Japan Rail Pass all our recommendations can be reached in just a couple of hours from Tokyo.

  • Nikko: A firm favourite. Take in Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage shrines and temples on a day trip to the mountain town of Nikkō, home to the mausoleums of the Tokugawa Shoguns. Onsen, hiking trails and even wild monkeys can be found here and it’s especially beautiful with its red autumn leaves.
  • Kamakura: Home to the 2nd largest statue to Buddha in Japan (the other being in Nara), Kamakura is full of cultural highlights and a popular destination for Japanese and tourists alike.
  • Mt. Fuji: The daddy of all volcanoes, tours to Mt. Fuji are a popular pastime for Tokyo-ites. The best spots to see the majestic mountain are Fuji Five Lakes or Hakone, both just a couple of hours from Tokyo.
  • Aizu Wakamatsu: (3 hours) Home of the White Tiger Samurai, Aizu Wakamatsu has a rich feudal history. Visit in September to join the 500 strong procession of mock feudal lords at the Aizu Autumn Festival. The area is also one of Japan’s main sake producers, kampai!

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