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hakuba to hiroshima to tokyo

Hakuba to Hiroshima to Tokyo


Just wondering if worth getting the JR pass as the pass does not seem to cover from Hakuba to Nagoya. How else can we travel on the train without a JR pass. Can we buy per trip and will it be cost effective? How to I book train from Hakuba to Nagoya?

4 travellers with snowboard bags
Hakuba to Hiroshima on 28/12/16
Hiroshima to Tokyo 30/12/16

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

The JR Pass does cover train travel from Hakuba to Nagoya.Here is an example route. However for the sake of simplicity and time, I would use a bus from Hakuba to Nagano and from there use the Shinkansen or a limited express train to Nagoya. Like this, trains can be reserved at any ticket window in Japan.

With travel to Hiroshima and back to Tokyo, a JR Pass is well recommended.

Hope this helps,


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