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use of jr pass

Use of JR Pass

Here is my itinerary. We will be staying in japan for 8 days, I wonder if we can make use of our JRPass to it's fullest with our itinerary. Is there places in our itinerary that JRpass can't cover? what are those places? what are the places we need for another tickets and how much it will cost. thanks in advance

• Harajuku
• Akihabara
• Tokyo Tower
• Tokyo Dome City
• Shibuya
• Shinjuku
• Tokyo Metropolitan Government
• Fuji Q Highlands
• Ueno Park
• Odaiba
• Katsura Imperial Villa
• Golden Pavillion
• Muruyama Park
• Yasaka Shrine
• Namba


Hi There!

Most places can be reached by the JR-Pass, some however may require a little walk.
Such as Tokyo tower, you can take the JR to Hamamatsucho and walk from there (approx. 15min).

For Fuji you I would recommend taking a bus since you can't use the JR to travel all the way. For more information on how to access the Fuji Q park please see this page.

Also Odaiba in Tokyo is can't be reached all the way by JR. I would recommand taking the Yamonote line to Shimbashi and from there take Yurikamome. This is an unmanned mono rail and makes for a very cool ride!
The price depends on where you get on and off (about 350/yen). Also see this page.

The Golden Pavillion, Muruyama Park and other attractions in Kyoto are reached by bus or metro. These don't accept the rail pass. A one way ride is 220-250 Yen, an all day bus pass is also available for just 500 Yen.

I think that you are covered for the rest!

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the informative reply!

May i ask what are the attraction in Kyoto that is covered by JRPass?
Also i learned that you can't reach asakusa by JRPass cause it is in the Ginza line? what are the other option to reach asakusa with JRpass? thanks again in advance.


Hi again!

You can take a JR Train to Fushimi Inari and Uji from Kyoto but other places are reached by different companies.

You are right about Asakusa, there is no JR-Station there. The best thing to do is to travel to Ueno by JR and take the Ginza line from there, you could walk from there too but it will take at least 30 minutes.


Thanks again.

btw if we activated the JRPass on 25 it will be expired on 31 right? is it by day or by time? i mean if i activated it in a specific time then it will be expired in a specific time too?


The JR-Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days, the first day is counted as a full day no matter what time you start using it.

For instance, if you activate it on the 25th, then it will be valid until the 31st 23:59. You can read more about days of use here.


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